Protect * Conserve * Beautify


CTA Products Group is committed to providing our customers with products that contribute to a safe healthy planet.   CTA Products conserve resources and improve and beautify the environment.  We strive to protect our globe by consistently researching and developing new sustainable solutions in our formulations and utilizing recycled content whenever possible.

  • Some of our products are sold as concentrates for on-site dilution with water.  This innovation drastically reduces transportation costs and unnecessary fuel oil use.
  • Our OutlastÔ Q8 One-Coat Exterior Wood Preservative protects and beautifies with up to 5 times less product (and labor) than other finish systems.  That means up to 80% less fuel for transportation AND 80% less waste in empty containers for disposal.
  • Q8's unique non-film forming system means NO Corn Cobbing.  EVER!  No expense for special equipment, blasting fuel or electricity.  No UNHEALTHY moldycorncob media residue.  
  • Outlast Q8 utilizes an active ingredient proven safe for incidental food contact.
  • Whenever possible we purchase recycled steel and plastic containers.
  • Many of our product labels, envelopes and literature are printed on recycled paper.
  • All of our products meet or exceed all applicable US VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations for air quality emissions.
  • Our NBS 30 is the only product of its kind - all natural botanical and GRAS* list derived, insect repellent additive for paints and coatings.  It's even soluble in water for a totally "green" approach to nuisance insect control outside the home.

When it comes to "green" choices, CTA Products Group leads the way. 

*GRAS List:  Generally Recognized as Saf