Outlastä Deck Oil 

Especially for Pressure Treated Lumber

Clear, Water Repellent, Exterior Wood Conditioner

Controls nail popping, splitting, cupping and warping

Promotes the natural “graying” of the wood color

Use alone or as a base coat for oil stains such as Outlastä Deck Seal


 Outlastä Deck Oil is a clear exterior treatment specifically designed for pressure treated lumber and decking applications.  It provides unsurpassed water repellency with one coat coverage.  Deck Oil is a totally non-film forming EXTERIOR treatment that will never crack or peel.  This treatment helps prevent nail and fastener popping, twisting, splitting cupping and warping.  The solution soaks into the wood to provide protection, not just on the surface, but also deep into the wood cell structure.  The robust water repellency helps limit the negative effects of rapid moisture changes within the wood.  Deck Oil offers unique flexibility in terms of application temperature ranges; wood moisture content and delivery method.  Deck Oil meets all nationwide VOC requirements.  Outlast Deck Oil is also fortified to control surface film mold and mildew.


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