NBS 30 Additive 

is designed for use in exterior coatings. It will deter and inhibit insects from burrowing through or crawling on exterior coatings and is appropriate for use in residential applications as well as dairy facilities, drive-in restaurants, golf courses, parks, playgrounds, poultry houses, recreational areas, schools, landscape areas, zoos, etc. NBS 30 Additive is effective in controlling crawling and nesting activity on painted or stained surfaces to which it has been added. Ants, cockroaches, beetles, mites, spiders, fleas, ticks, silverfish, dirt daubers, bees and wasps will not crawl on, nest on or burrow through coatings treated with NBS 30 Additive. NBS 30 Additive is soluble or dispersible in commercial oil and water based exterior paints and stains.

Key Benefits


Please Note:  The effective life of this additive varies depending upon a variety of conditions including the type of coating used, surface prep procedures, and climatic conditions.  Many users report continued results several seasons after application.  Two or more coats may be necessary for carpenter bee control. In the event of an active carpenter bee infestation, ALWAYS spray commercial wasp and hornet killer inside the holes and caulk thoroughly prior to coating.  For Technical information on the effects of NBS 30 in various paints Click Here.


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