Super Foam Concentrate

Simply The Best Car and Truck wash available today!  Nothing else needs to be said.

Spray Wash Concentrate

The same fabulous road-film removal as Super Foam but with controlled foam for oil splitting and skimming.

Multi-Clean Concentrate

The absolute best all around cleaner/degreaser.  Formulated specifically to take on the toughest soils while protecting delicate surfaces.  This product (like Spray Wash) is particularly suitable for use in areas where oils and greases must be skimmed or separated from the water for discharge.

Degreaser Concentrate

CTA's strongest and most alkaline cleaner.  This is truly the sledge hammer of alkaline degreasers.  When nothing else will get the job done, order Degreaser.  This product is not suitable for all surfaces and care must be taken during application to protect personnel and vulnerable metals such as Aluminum.  Degreaser (like Multi-Clean and Spray Wash) is perfect for use with oil skimming/splitting equipment.

All products manufactured by CTA will exhibit similar results in oil splitting comparisons.


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